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Wagner & Associates is our strategic partner in supplying talent to clients in the field of IT. They have reached out to our team for contract work with their clients.

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(Advanced Job Costing System)

R. is a manufacturer of very important accessories in the field of food and restauration. In order to track their use of raw materials, the time spent building their products, and finally the costs and margins of their operations, our team was tasked with rebuilding their costing system. Originally in Clipper (xBase), the system was reverse engineered and rebuilt from the ground up to fit into a modern microservice web application, without the need of configurations or installations at the client level. All the core features were rebuilt from scratch, along with reports and new usability features true of modern usability principles, making the software more reliable and faster than the legacy system it replaced, all the while true to the legacy shape of reports.

Technologies:  C#.NET, ASP.NET Core, HTML5, MSSQL, Javascript
Team: 2 developers
Duration: 18 months

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