Back-end Development


Your data, as complex or as simple as it may be, be it for a full-fledged ERP system, or a bit of storage for your online shop, we have all the experience and know-how to make your data look as clean and as efficient as possible. We pride ourselves in our elegant data solutions, with a great focus on purpose for any cell, any column, any table, any database. With our experience with microservices architecture, we know how to make sure your data is redundant when it must be, and free of pollution as a strong design principle.


You want to make your data easily accessible across your systems? We have years of experience in building and testing APIs to make them as perfectly as needed, and make your systems ready to supply information in a highly intelligent matter. With us, you don’t need to worry that your system is in this or that area or technology, we will always make your data available to your systems in order to bring them to life.


Code architecture is a very important discipline internally at Magnificent Systems. We will help organize your code, decide architectures early on, and help you produce or maintain a quality microservices that are highly available, well organized and of quality design.

DevOps & System Administration​


Our team counts specialists who can set up almost any software or hardware installation according to your needs, and test these installations for you.


Our specialists have you covered. We can supply scripts in many technologies on many platforms, be it for Linux or Windows machines, traditional or cloud.


Does your installation need complex configurations which require attention and care to find the right tuning? Our team can help you make sure everything is tuned to your liking.

Front-end Development

Web Pages:

You want beautiful, pixel-perfect web pages in HTML5, or want your React page to appear exactly as you want it? We have the know-how to make the most operational and elegant apps according to your tastes and requirements, for mobile and web browser apps, in any ecosystem (iOS, Android, Chrome).

Mobile Apps:

Mobile versions of software are a must for most integrated systems, and our team has many projects in their portfolio with mobile apps of various form factors and for various applications. Be it in Xamarin, native android, React Native, or any other mobile technology, we are ready to make your dream app come to life.

Desktop Interfaces:

While mobile and web front-ends have taken much ground in the past few years, many companies continue to rely on desktop applications for their internal systems. We have years of experience supplying Winforms and other traditional desktop interfaces to our clients to fit the technologies you prefer.

Have a project for us?

Our experts will help you to embody your idea in the world of technology and progress.