The Airvector brand equips the most prestigious buildings in North America with air distribution equipment.

Magnificent Systems, their sole partner in Information Technology, is responsible for the Management and Maintenance of all their Software Systems, including:

  1. The Airvector ERP
  2. Airvector Ordering Online
  3. Airvector Website
  4. Airvector Panels Website

Airvector ERP

Airvector ERP is the central business operations management system at Airvector. It is a decentralized microservice-based system that works with cutting-edge technology.

Magnificent Systems is the main creator and custodian of this internal system, with our programmers supporting Airvector staff with important improvements and occasional fixes. Our team is always ready to serve our client’s operations within the Airvector ERP at any moment.

Technologies: VB .NET, C#, .NET Core, MYSQL, Google Cloud
Team: 2 developers
Duration: 7 years

Airvector Ordering Online

Airvector was looking for an online quoting portal for their customers that would allow them to obtain prices and information about Airvector products on the tip of their fingers.

The result was AOO (Airvector Ordering Online), a multi-user web portal that integrates perfectly with the Airvector ERP, with many features allowing customers to build quotes easily, such as the quick-upload tool and the cross-reference tool. A smart flow makes it easy for customers to understand what the state of their quote is according to special purchasing rules, as well as great support for document downloads for specific products in their quotes, and much more.

Technologies: C#, MySQL, React
Team: 2 developers
Duration: 5 years

The animated slider on the left shows how our developers have built an online system that allows full customization of their quotes. The product system is designed in such a way that it is convenient for the buyer to easily select the desired customizations of the desired product. 

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Airvector Website

The Airvector Website is a beautiful display of the Airvector brand and its products online. On this elegantly designed website, products can be searched quickly, and other tools such as the cross-reference can also be found therein.

Technologies: HTML5, WordPress

Team: 1 developer
Duration: 4 months

The slider on the left shows how our developers have built the site’s product catalog and search features. The catalog allows clients to conveniently select the desired category of products and gather any information about it that they may need.

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Airvector Panels Website

The Airvector Panels website is another elegant presentation for the Airvector brand. Similar to Airvector’s main website, this Panels site is dedicated to the presentation of the panels model line at Airvector. Here too, panels can be easily searched, spec sheets downloaded, and other central documents such as the catalog and paint colors are viewable online.

Technologies: HTML5, WordPress
Team: 1 developer
Duration: 4 months

In the animated slider to the right, you can see the Airvector Panel catalog developed by us, allowing the user to filter and select products. Each product model has a detailed description and data sheet.

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