Tinng is a Montreal-based company whose mission is to help businesses and consumers switch to “zero-waste” easily through reuse.

We have developed for them a suite of application that will help clients obtain reusable containers and allow Tinng to track the loaning & return of these green containers via RFID.

  1. Grocery, Takeout & Drop-Off App
  2. Shoppers’ Portal
  3. RFID Integration


Grocery, Takeout & Drop-Off App

The Grocery, Takeout & Drop-Off App is a tablet form-factor, RFID-enabled application which allows grocers & restaurants to track the lending of Tinng RFID containers to shoppers. In Takeout mode, restaurant owners can plan the use of reusable containers in their dishes, and associate their orders with clients’ phone numbers.

Upon returning their containers to the grocer or restaurant owner, a Drop-Off mode allows the return of containers to be tracked, and then sent to Tinng for cleaning. Users cards are also identified via NFC integrated in the specially chosen tablet.

A video of the app doing its magic can be seen on the right.

Technologies: ASP.NET Core, Xamarin, MSSQL, Impinj
Team: 2 developers
Duration: 5 months

Shoppers' Portal

The Tinng shoppers’ portal allows shoppers to review the containers they have on hand, purchase credits and discover the locations that support Tinng containers in their food products, and those that allow drop-off of used containers.

This progressive webapp is browser and smart-phone ready, as a site and as an app.

Technologies: ASP.NET Core, Xamarin, MSSQL
Team: 2 developers
Duration: 3 months


RFID Integration & Backend

The Tinng backend is a centralized high-availability system that ensures that all actions in the distributed chain of stores, restaurants and drop-off points are coordinated, and that the shoppers’ portal works in real-time.

The Tablet app for grocery stores, restaurants, and drop-off locations is RFID-ready through the impinj hardware and SDK, allowing for a smooth and pleasant user experience. Magnificent Systems is ready for any specialized technologies your software solutions may require.

Technologies: ASP.NET Core, MSSQL, Impinj
Team: 2 developers
Duration:  6 months

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