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We are a company of programmers, analysts, thinkers, architects, front-end designers, artists and data specialists who take new and existing software artifacts and build them from the ground up. What makes us different is the efficiency of our guild, the quality of our development talent, and our passion for quality through our in-house Quality Assurance brand.

Magnificent Systems loves to bring their partners’ projects to life. If you have a business idea that requires a mobile app, a full-stack software system or a website to bring it to life, we are the one-stop shop you’re looking for.


We provide all development services: Software Design, Data Design, Backend Design & Development, Frontend Design & Development, Mobile Design & Development, Cloud DevOps and System Administration. We use the latest technologies and frameworks to bring your projects to life.

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We offer a complete Quality Assurance experience, from Software Requirements to Test Design, Test Execution, Bug Reporting and Tracking.

We help define quality goals and take existing goals to thoroughly examine them, defining a set of steps to take in order to increase the quality of your software, so that it meets its standards.

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We equip our art palettes to realize the most exciting brand websites on the market. Our designers are passionate about design and website user experiences, and by combining design with our in-house UX/UI Services, your new websites will look and feel better than ever.

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We offer the complete spectrum of UX/UI services, from inception to prototyping to release. Our tools and methodologies will produce the most compelling software experiences for your users, and give your brand the drawing power it needs to attract your customers and keep them interested in using your software platforms for years to come.

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We offer the complete spectrum of Social Media & Ads Management, to take your brand to the ultimate level.

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You thought we were all buildings, fintech and business work processes? Yeah, we make games. We do. 😉 Go check out our stuff at our game studio’s website!

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Our projects


Airvector portfolio

Airvector has been our client since the foundation of our company. Producers of HVAC products, Airvector entrusts us with the support and development of all in-house software systems, mainly full-fledged ERPs, an online ordering system and production-tracking applications, among many others.


Paylele portfolio

Paylele is a cryptocurrency fintech startup that specializes in cutting-edge digital currency payments from businesses to businesses, and from individuals to individuals. Our software specialists built their revolutionary system on top of Stellar's stablecoin and crypto backbone, with the global payment portal currently in development.


tinng image

Tinng is a visionary eco-responsible startup based in Montreal, with the aim of revolutionizing packaging in the food industry by drastically reducing waste of food containers. Our team was entrusted with the end-to-end development of the RFID tracking of their reusable containers and NFC user cards, as well as their Point Of Sale tablet apps and client portal mobile and desktop Progressive Web Apps for end users to manage their container footprint.


idyllic image

Idylliq is a talented website creation company, who specialize in quality designs and the elaboration of great online presences for their clients. We worked with Idylliq on a number of beautiful websites, both desktop and mobile-ready, with server hosting and management services, website maintenance and various website design implementations.


I was really happy with what the company did for my project. I had the support of the Magnificent Systems team and they were there to answer all my questions. I highly recommend Magnificent Systems for creating a website, developing systems or even innovating your current systems.

Charbel F.
Paylele Co-Founder

Magnificent Systems can stand proud of its name. Philippe and his team have been quick to help, efficient in communication and committed to the quality of their product. They’ve successfully developed an application for Tinng that involves an elegant and efficient user interface along with RFID tracking of single-use food containers by UHF to help promote “reuse” and reduce pollution. This IoT project was tackled and completed with excellence. Phil and his team did a great job!

Frederic A.
Tinng President

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